Darcicano Submission System by Bjorn Friedrich (On Demand)

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The Darcicano is a unique combination of Darce Choke and Americana. Technically it is an armlock that works very quick and unexpected from Side Control and the North-South Position. It is not only a Submission but also the interface between the Darce Choke and the Kimura which means that there are always three high percentage submissions available. The Darcicano Submission System covers not only the Darcicano but also many different entries, follow ups and control positions that will make your side control game better and more aggressive. This new and unique Submission will surprise your opponent and gives you the edge you are looking for. A true Game changer.

Volume 1:
The Basic Darcicano
Principles & Strategies
The 4 Control Positions
The Power Darcicano
Power Darcicano from Quarter Nelson
Power Darcicano from Front Headlock
Submissions from the 2 on 1
Power Darcicano to Kimura
Kimura to Power Darcicano

Volume 2:
Power Darcicano from "Super Crusher“
Power Darcicano from the Underhook
Power Darcicano from shallow Underhook
Power Darcicano if opponent turns away
Power Darcicano from the Americano
Barbwire Position to the Power Darcicano
Stockade to Power Darcicano
Darce Choke Defense to Power Darcicano
Darcicano to Darce Choke

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