BJJ Chokes, Submissions & Guard Passes DVD by Jose Alexandre Correa

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Discover a unique collection dedicated to the art of Brazilian combat. Each professor and expert details his specialty through a series of instructional video, filmed on a black ground and background for optimum visibility of all movements.

Through this video, the author manages to bring to the public an efficient and accurate Jiu-Jitsu. The practitioner will have access here to a more open understanding of this delicate art using a pedagogy that has already proved its worth.

You will learn many choke techniques, guard passing, 100 kg, attacks and other positions that are suitable for everyday training but mainly for competitions.

José Alexandre Corrêa do Espírito Santo:
Black Belt graduate at the largest Nova Uniao team
Self-defense Instructor of the civilian police of Rio de Janeiro
1st place - Jet Power Cup 5th Stage Lerjji (2005)
1st place - 4th Step 2005 state circuit Lerjji (2005)
1st place - Petropolis Submission Cup (2005)
1st place - Judo Carioca League of Rio (2004)
2nd place - 2005 World Championship (2005)
2nd place - Jiu-Jitsu Brazil Cup 2005 (2005)
2nd place - 2nd stage of the 2004 State ranking (2004)
2nd place - the first stage of the 2004 State ranking (2004)
2nd place - 2nd stage of the 2003 state rank (2003)
3rd place - The American Cup Jiu-Jitsu (2008)

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese
Running Time: 56 Minutes


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