Bible of Karate: Kihon Kumite DVD

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Supervision: Japan Karatedo Federation / Japan Senior High School Sports Association Division of Karate-do


        * Basic techniques
        * Basic Uke (Jodan, Chudan and Gedan)
        * Basic Tsuki (Gyakuzuki, Uraken-uchi and other)
        * Basic movement
          Basic movements of Uke, Tsuki and Keri and combination techniques of these have been recorded.
        * Applied techniques
          "Yakusoku Kumite" and practice of "Kime" have been recorded.
        * Developed techniques
          Combination and developed variation of "Shikake-waza"
          Combination and developed variation of "Ouji-waza" have been record.

Language: Japanese 

Run Time: 30 min.