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Beyond Technique: Concept Focused BJJ by Kit Dale and Nic Gregoriades (On Demand)

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Many times when you learn a technique it's all about drilling and muscle memory until you have mastered the move. But what good is learning a technique if you don't understand why or how it works. Kit Dale and Nic Gregoriades bring you a new spin on learning with the Beyond Technique: Concept Focused BJJ.  It will teach you to think conceptually and approach grappling from a new angle, helping you understand why you are using that technique.  All together there are twenty concepts shown with approximately 40 techniques.

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  1. Transitional Pressure – Moving from one position to another.
  2. The Fisher man – A fishing rod analogy for BJJ.
  3. The Quadrant – The four quarters of stability.
  4. Post, Posture and Leverage – How a sweep occurs.
  5. The Porcupine – Using the bony parts of your body to great effect.
  6. Stopping the Guard Pull – How to defend against guard pullers.
  7. The Corkscrew – Pushing and pulling.
  8. Weight Distribution – How it makes all the difference in guard passing.
  9. Structure – How collapsing and creating a structure using your own body can be used to your own advantage.
  10. The Double Barrelled Shotgun – How to maintain the guard.
  11. The Open and Closed Chain – How to think of limbs as chains.
  12. Removing Leverage – How to feel much heavier on an opponent.
  13. The Spinal Torque – How twisting and other spinal manipulations can affect technique.
  14. Size Strategy – How to deal with different body types including what to do if you are shorted than your opponent.
  15. The Border Patrol – A metaphor for attacking or defending.
  16. The Loading of the Spring – How to execute a technique without telegraphing it to your opponent.
  17. The Pendulum – How to use a single part of your body to drive momentum for a bigger movement.
  18. The Takedown Posture – Principals for take downs.
  19. Its All In The Hips – Focus on hip movement when scrambling.
  20. The Misdirection – How to be the first to get a good grip.
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Customer Reviews

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Ed B.
Great instructional video!

Kit and Nic Beyond technique video is amazing! Easy to understand and definitely recommend getting it.

Marc Barton
Highly recommended

I buy a lot of BJJ instructional DVDs and downloads but this one really stood out because of the concept driven approach. I have watched it several times and it has definitely helped me to level up my game. I really cant recommend it highly enough!