Best of the Israeli Fighting Systems 2 DVD Set

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Featuring 4 of the best Israeli instructors:

Moni Aizik: Combat Survival Commando Krav Maga
Avi Nardia & Uri Kaffe: Kapap & Lotar
Albert Timen: Israeli Tactical Shooting Expert

Learn the secrets our instructors taught the Israeli army!

The Israeli army (IDF) is well known for its highly effective combat techniques!

For the first time ever 4 highly regarded Israeli army veterans got together and ran an advanced seminar in Colorado to army, police and Krav Maga instructors!

The advanced seminar was filmed live at Estes Park, Colorado, U.S.A.

Over 3 hours of Live Training:

Close quarter combat techniques: knife against knife, unarmed against the blade, pistol disarming, rifle disarming, explosive take down techniques, how to finish a boxer, choke escapes, Israeli ground survival, Israeli Point Shooting, training drills and much more!

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eugenio di loreto
Very effective and well explained ones.

I first bought this dvd, and I liked so mucho, so I bought other Aizik dvd. Very real demonstration of thechniques. Very effective and well explained ones.