Best Karate of Tatsuya Naka DVD

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Body exercises with moving Chu-tanden

Sonkyo and Shizentai
Sambonzuki - to use hip sharply -
Kibadachi - falling the center of gravity -
Zenkutsudachi - falling the center of gravity -
Stepping - moving Chu-tanden -
Kata "Taikyoku Shodan" - falling the center of gravity -
Tsuki technique 1 - Kizamizuki
Tsuki technique 2 - Gyakuzuki
Double punch 1 - Kizamizuki and Gyakuzuki
Doubule punch 2 - Gyakuzuki and Kizamizuki
Combination 1 - Kizamizuki-Gyakuzuki
Combination 2 - Gyakuzuki-Kizamizuki
Combination 3 - Gyakuzuki-Gyakuzuki
Applied combination 1 - Kizamizuki-Gyakuzuki and Gyakuzuki-Kizamizuki
Applied combination 2 - Gyakuzuki-Kizamizuki and Gyakuzuki-Gyakuzuki
Applied combination 3 - Kizamizuki-Gyakuzuki, Gyakuzuki-Kizamizuki, and Gyakuzuki-Gyakuzuki
Applied combination 4 - Gyakuzuki-Kizamizuki, Gyakuzuki-Gyakuzuki, and Kizamizuki-Gyakuzuki
Applied combination 5 - Gyakuzuki-Gyakuzuki, Kizamizuki-Gyakuzuk, and Gyakuzuki-Kizamizuki
vs Yasunori Ogura: at the 30th all Japan championships, 1987
vs Masahiko Haga: at the 31st all Japan championships,1988
vs Yasuo Hanzaki: at the 35th all Japan championships,1992
vs Takuya Taniyama: at the 35th all Japan championships,1992
vs A.Trembley: at the 4th world championships, 1992
vs L.V.Derberg: at the 4th world championships,1992
vs F.Brennan: at the 4th world championships,1992
vs Kenichi Noda: at the 42nd all Japan championships, 1999
vs Takuya Taniyama: at the 43rd all Japan championships,2000
vs Katsutoshi Shiina: at the 43rd all Japan championships,2000
vs Kunio Kobayashi: at the 44th all Japan championships,2001

Language: Japanese & English

Run Time: 60 min.

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I MacLaren
Great DVD - appalling delivery time.

DVD was excellent - travel time across the USA was interminably long. A month to deliver a DVD that cost nearly as much in postage as it cost to buy was highway robbery.