Becoming a Better Boxer Vol 3 DVD with Kenny Weldon

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This DVD is volume three of a three-part series featuring Kenny Weldon. In this program, Kenny shares the same training techniques and tips that he has used to train some of the top boxers in the world. Advanced topics covered on this DVD include: ring techniques, evaluation line, double end bag, hand pads, heavy bag, the rack, jump roping, and the proper use of the medicine ball. This comprehensive series is a must have resource for anyone involved in boxing.

About the Instructor: Kenny Weldon is one of the premier trainers in boxing history. His gym has produced 26 national champions, three amateur world champions and three United States Olympians. Weldon has worked with many of the top professional boxers in the world, including: Raul Marquez, Mike McCallum, Vinny Pazienza and Evander Holyfield. Currently,Weldon is continuing to work with young fighters at the Galena Park Boxing Academy in Houston, Texas.

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bang on now
kenny weldon`s old tapes

i have watched the new and old material .
the tapes were definitely much more technical and explicit.
kenny was going dementia sorrowfully is the reason why.

a lot of fundamentals

Realised theres a lot of fundamentals i didn't know... Highly recommend this one

Dustin Bunnell
Kenny Weldon is a Master

Kenny Weldon is a Master Boxing Coach. Just watching any of his DVD's for more than a few minutes, you'll see why. This, along with the other two DVD's in this series give you a comprehensive foundation, tips on what not to do, proper fight & training strategy, as well as numerous training drills and ingenious devices designed to make you a better, more well rounded boxer! Highly recommended for anyone wanting to better their punching ability!