Battojutsu Taikai DVD: Katsujinken of Taizaburo Nakamura

Battojutsu Taikai DVD: Katsujinken of Taizaburo Nakamura

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Distance, Blade Path, Angles, and Mental Strength There are techniques that can only be understood through cutting.

Iaido is a martial art that uses the Japanese sword, emphasizing the actual act of "cutting". True sword cutting cannot be achieved if there is any disturbance in one's mind or technique. In other words, one's skill can only be truly understood through the act of cutting. Only by mastering the subtleties of distance, blade path, angles, and maintaining an undisturbed mental strength can one truly "cut".

This DVD meticulously selects footage from the international tournament of the International Batto-Do Federation, inheriting the techniques of Nakamura Taisaburo Soke, renowned as a sword saint of the Showa era.


  • Kumi-tachi Section (Two-person engagement)
  • Special Demonstration (Toyama-ryu Batto-Do Kata / Nakamura-ryu Batto-Do Kumi-tachi, Hachimangiri)
  • Test Cutting Section (Real sword cutting through rolled straw mats)
  • Team Competition Section (Test cutting by groups of three)
  • Bonus Footage

Performance by Nakamura Taisaburo Soke (Archival footage)

Event Overview: 13th International Batto-Do Federation National Tournament (16th Toyama-ryu Nakamura-ryu Batto-Do Tournament) Date: November 21st, Heisei 22 (Sunday) Venue: Tsurumi Sports Center, Yokohama City Organizer: International Batto-Do Federation Host: International Batto-Do Federation Headquarters Tsurumiseikai Supported by: Yokohama City Tsurumi Ward Sports Association

Language: Japanese

Run Time: 90 min.