Battle of JKA 10 Best Bouts DVD

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10 of the very best matches of the JKA history are collected here on one DVD! Spanning 20 years these are the fights that true Karate fans can appreciate.
Includes the following fights:
T. Ohishi vs M. Tanaka
1975 in Los Angeles
Guazzaroni vs H. Yamamoto
1983 Egypt
T. Imamura vs H. Yamamoto
1983 Nihon Budokan
M. Yokomichi vs M. Kawawada
1985 Nihon Budokan
Y. Ogura vs T. Imamura
1986 Nihon Budokan
K. Shiina vs M. Yokomichi
1987 Nihon Budokan
T. Imamura vs M. Kagawa
1988 Nihon Budokan
T. Taniyama vs T. Naka
1992 Tokyo
A. Ikenaga vs T. Taniyama
1995 Tokyo
S. Izumiya vs T. Kokubun
1997 Tokyo

Language: Japanese

Run Time: 60 min.