Basic Budo Karate DVD by Masahiro Yanagawa

Basic Budo Karate DVD by Masahiro Yanagawa

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Unlock the Myriad Techniques Enabled by Floating in Yanagawa Martial Arts Karate!

Discover the culmination of theoretical techniques honed through unique training and experience by karate master Yanagawa Masahiro. His teachings aim to achieve the "harmony of mind, technique, and body" in martial arts karate.



  • Overview of the DVD content and objectives

Creating the Midline (Standing/Training Method)

  • Techniques and methods for establishing and maintaining the midline in karate stances

Mastering Thrusts

  • Detailed instruction on various thrusting techniques:
    • Forward thrust
    • Reverse thrust
    • Diving thrust

Mastering Footwork and Kicking

  • Techniques and drills to enhance footwork and kicking abilities:
    • Footwork drills
    • Front kick techniques

Training Footwork

  • Leg and hip training specifics
  • Techniques for changing stances dynamically
  • Turning and cutting back movements

Mastering Blocking

  • Effective strategies for inside and outside blocking techniques

Explanation and Techniques of Ukimi

  • Understanding the concept of ukimi and its application in diving nagashitsuki

Mastering Seichu Mentsuki and Shoulder Running

  • Application and practice of specific kata:
    • Heian 2nd dan
    • Heian 3rd dan

Relaxing and Using Your Shoulders

  • Techniques and forms emphasizing relaxation and shoulder utilization:
    • Heian 5th dan
    • Heian 1st dan
    • Ku-chan-ku

Key Points of Footwork that Doesn't Settle

  • Essential footwork principles to maintain agility and readiness:
    • Heian 4th dan

Important Forms of Martial Arts Karate

  • Detailed exploration and practice of Naihanchi kata


  • Recap and summary of the key teachings and techniques covered

Instructor/Supervisor: Yanagawa Masahiro

  • A seasoned karateka born on December 9, 1939
  • Initiated into Wado-kai in 1958 while attending Tokyo University of Science
  • Head of the All Japan Karate Federation Wado-kai Yanagawa Dojo since 1967
  • Trained overseas and influenced by Koichi Tohei's techniques in 1970
  • Studied under the first head of Wado-ryu, Otsuka, and underwent ascetic training at Mogami Niyama
  • Continues to teach and practice martial arts karate at the Yanagawa Dojo, following the traditions learned from Otsuka


Language: Japanese

Run Time: 56 min.


Basic Budo Karate DVD by Masahiro Yanagawa

Basic Budo Karate DVD by Masahiro Yanagawa

Regular price $39.95 USD
Regular price $59.00 USD Sale price $39.95 USD