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Bao-Din Shuai Chiao DVD by Chang-Da-Wei

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The most famous Master of this defensive art is Chang-Da-Wei. He is the heir of martial tradition that has intelligently adapted itself to the training demands of secure corps. There are strikes and throws showing you how to stop your opponent using high level techniques. It is an exeptional video full of technical ideas with new and surprising combat formulas.


Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French

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Tony Pearson
A Gem with good instruction from Grandmaster Ch'ang Tung-sheng's Grandson

Excellent instructional dvd to review Shuai Chiao techniques from a reliable source. I studied at the U. S. Shuai Chiao Kungfu Academy in Cleveland, Ohio which is a fighting school. I would recommend this dvd for anyone that's interested in Shuai Chiao. The dvd pretty much covers what I learned and what I observed being taught at the physical school.

ron statler


Henry Minogue
first of all the other shuai jiao video i have is by wang weyong and i really liked this video no...

first of all the other shuai jiao video i have is by wang weyong and i really liked this video not only for the throws but for the training methods.

this video i feel however was better from an instructional point of view in the the sense you could take alot away as the techinques are broken down very slowly and the mechanics of the throws explained very clearly.the throws are repeated from both sides and in slow motion.

antonio langiano is the assistant and has the throws demonstrated on him (hes also the european shuai jiao president) and mr langiano demonstrates the single practice moves.

there is also alot of strikes before the throws, elbows, forearm hits to the kneck, chops, punches etc. so the strikers will not feel too left out watching the video.

there is alot of practical follow ups such including a whole arsenal of kneeling restraints and qin na such as kneeling arm bars, kneck cranks/breaks, shoulder pins,wrist locks etc.

what i liked most about the video was the flow of the techniques as in they made sense in a logical progression, fights are indeed not logical however it does provide "follow on" arsenal of finishing or fight ending moves.some of the throws are quite dangerous and if working with a partner i would advise checking out the video before going through any of the throws

Nicolas Masi
Excellent introduction

Excellent introduction to Shuai-chiao. Quality production w/ quality techniques. After each throw, Master Chang shows some control or striking technique from a standing or kneeling position (remaining standing after a throw, but in control of an opponent's limb or joint, is a hallmark of Shuai-chiao).
Antonio Langiano performs the solo form movements while Master Chang demonstrates some hand techniques and a number of powerful throws.