Arm Drag Seminar by Braulio Estima (On Demand)

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Braulio Estima - multiple time World Jiujitsu champion and ADCC world champion teaches an in-depth seminar on the arm-drag. He starts with a very basic drill and builds step by step ending with some very effective world-class techniques. Filmed at Gracie Barra Yorba Linda in Oct 12, 2008, Braulio covers numerous drills & techniques based on the arm drag that are useful for all skill levels.
00:32 - Basic arm drag drill from butterfly guard
01:35 - Basic arm drag drill from butterfly guard with leg movement
02:10 - Solo arm drag drill
04:32 - Armdrag from butterfly guard to the back
07:32 - Armdrag with kick from butterfly guard to the back
08:57 - How to prevent your opponent from stopping your arm drag
10:55 - The collar drag
12:46 - Spider guard to arm drag

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Gary N
Great Basics

Essentially 3 techniques, with lots of drills. Covers arm drag from seated/butterfly, collar drag from seated and a spider/lasso variation. Starts off with the easier drills progressing up to the arm drag technique. Just under 15 minutes long, but no filler.