Aikido Kisei Dojo DVD with Antonio & Marcos Pena

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The brothers Marcos and Antonio Pena, Technical Directors of the Aikido Kisei Dojo Association, show us the potent and realistic focus of the Aikido that they learned from Masters Matsuoka and Larry Reynosa, direct students of Steven Seagal Shihan. It is a project divided into three parts:

-Basic Aikdio-
--Shisei no kamae

-Intermediate aikido-
--Katame waza
--Tachi waza

-Advanced Aikido-
--Kick defense
--Suwari waza
--Leg pins
--Jiyu waza


Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French

Customer Reviews

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John Cox
Good for demonstration purposes.

It's not a bad dvd if you want to see some demonstrations of different techniques. However it is far from an instructional video that teaches techniques.