Aikido by Yasuo Kobayashi DVD Vol 2

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Yasuo Kobayshi is one of the most popular students of the founder of Aikido and he has dozens of schools in Japan, & Taiwan and regularly travels abroad with his son (Hiroaki Kobayashi) to instruct his flowing style of aikido.

Contents include:

-Tachiwaza (standing techniques)
--Shomenuchi ikkyo
--Shomenuchi shihonage
--Shomenuchi kotegaeshi
--Shomenuchi koshinage
--Shomenuchi sankyo
--Shomenuchi iriminage
--Shomenuchi kaeshiwaza (reversals)

-Tanto Tori
--Shomenchi iriminage
--Shomenchi sankyo
--Shomenchi koshinage
--Shomenchi shihonage
--Munetsuki kotegaeshi
--Munetsuki shihonage
--Munetsuki nikyo

-Jo nage

-Tachi tori

-Futari dori (2 person attack)

-Bokken suburi

-Jo suburi

-Suwariwaza demo
-Hanmihandachi demo
-Tachiwaza demo

-1969 Kobayashi demo
-1974 Kobayashi demo
-1982 Kobayashi demo
-1983 Kobayashi demo
-1986 Kobayashi demo in Banff, Canada
-1990 Kobayashi demo
-1990 Kobayashi demo in Canada

Language: Japanese

Run Time: 46 min.