Actual Fighting: Nunchaku Techniques DVD by Kazumasa Yokoyama

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One of 2 big weapons methods of Okinawa, the actual fighting technique of Nunchaku are introduced. High-class techniques from the basic skill of Nunchaku said as "the light of Ryukyu old martial arts" "the extreme speed weapon method", the traditional type, application techniques, in detailed guidance and commentary. The secret of the most difficult technique in Nunchaku, is revealed for the first time. Instructor Yokoyama comments through a seminar method directly to the audience.

Language: Japanese
Run time: 45 min.

Customer Reviews

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Buster Hyman
Separate the myth from the reality and the impossible from the practicality

Let’s face it, YOU DON’T want to take yourself out with a nunchaku ricochet.


This video discusses how to safely experience the nunchaku rebound effect and use it in your practice striking. If you grew up believing the mythology of “the one hit kill or knock out” with nunchaku consider how many times you “thunk” yourself while training and you are still not dead!!!!!

That said: don’t ya want to learn how not to “thunk” yourself?

Well, this video goes a long way is separating nunchaku myth from nunchaku reality.

Add it to your collection if you want a more realistic exposition on nunchaku length and rebound; and, how you must factor these in when attempting to use them in “actual combat”.

And you can still enjoy the fun movies of your childhood where nunchaku are a “wonder weapon” that can take out an entire squad of Black Belts!

Why not!? Just ignore the physics of angular deflection.