27 Shotokan Karate Kata DVD By Efthimios Karatmisos

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By Efthimios Karatmisos 7.Dan German National Coach DKV

Kata is the basic and also oldest exercise form in Karate. Not even a hundred years have past, since Funakoshi Sensei began to spread Karate-Do in Japan and in the whole world.

Over centuries Karate techniques were practiced secretly. The old masters developed sequence of motion used in Karate combinations, which simulated a fight, but required at the same time absolute perfection and upright attitude of mind the Kata.

In 1948 at the Waseda University, under the direction of Funakoshi Sensei, a meeting of Karate students of the Universities of Waseda, Keio and Takushoku took place. A goal was to find a
common basis and interpretation of the different Kata.

In order to be able to implement a Kata correctly, you must realize its meaning.
- Exact knowledge of the expiration of a Kata and unconditional concentration.
- Accurate execution of the individual successive techniques, as well as correct body attitude.
- Kime means tension, speed and correct breathing techniques exactly at the demanded and correct time.
- The Kata should not be implemented calmly and over-hasty. Correct change of tension and relaxation, timing and rhythm.

Efthimios Karamitsos 7.Dan, Kata coach of the national team, demonstrates in this film all 26 Shotokan Kata and the Kata Taikyoku Shodan, in its own perfection.
In each case two side views are shown from the front, from the side or from the rear. The Kata sequences are in original sound and not disturbed by speaker comments.
A short explanation to the Kata you see, is always shown at the beginning of a new session.

Languages: English, German, French
Running Time: 119 Minutes


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