2009 Pan Jiu-jitsu Championships 3 DVD Set.

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At is has for years and years before, the 2009 edition of the  prestigious Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championships was a gathering of the most  celebrated competitors on the planet, resulting in a 3 day spectacle 
showcasing the most awesome action this side of Brazil!
Kron, Cobrinha.
Lepri, Leite, and Neto.
Romulo, Mendes, Almeida.

You know the names, now re-live the events that ROCKED the walls of 
Southern California's CSU Dominguez Hills gymnasium so HARD they're 
still reeling.

Come from behind victories! Unthinkable upsets! Triumphant returns and 
heartfelt farewell to the Grandmaster Helio Gracie; the '09 Pan Jiu-
Jitsu Championships had it all.  So, roll out the Zebra Home Mat, and 
get yourself comfortable, because you've just purchased three discs of 
all out BJJ action!

Disc 1
Rafael Freitas vs Yoshihiko Matsumoto
Felipe Costa vs Carlos Kuraoka
Rubens Charles vs Mario Reis
Kron Gracie vs Lucas Leite
Roberto Abreu vs Antonio Braga Neto
Marcio Corleta vs Rodrigo Cavaca
Antonio Braga Neto vs Otavio Sousa
Best Moves:

Disc 2
Felipe Costa vs Shoji Masada
Leandro Escobar vs Johnny Ramirez
Renan Borges vs Daniel Aguiar
Guilherme Mendes vs Mario Reis
Rafael Mendes vs Rubens Charles
Rafael Mendes vs Rodrigo Faria
Renan Borges vs Rubens Charles
Wellington Dias vs Mario Reis
Alexandre Souza vs Eder Persiliano
Rafael Barbosa vs Leonardo Leite
Eder Persiliano vs Lucas Lepri
Joao Sobrinho vs Lucas Lepri
Lucas Lepri vs Leonardo Leite
Augusto Mendes vs Michael Langhi
Nakapan Phungephorn vs Kron Gracie
Abmar Barbosa vs Kron Gracie
Carlos Diego Ferreira vs Kron Gracie
Bill Cooper vs Carlos Diego Ferreira
Jay Pages vs Lucas Leite
Augusto Vieira vs Lucas Leite
Felipe Fogolin vs Otavio Souza
Nivaldo Lima vs Otavio Souza
Jason Ebarb vs Gregor Gracie
Cameron Diffley vs Romulo Barral
Ricardo Feliciano vs Marcio Corleta
Thiago Mansur vs Jimmy Tang
Otavio Souza vs Lucas Leite
Roberto Abreu vs Felipe Pacces
Rodrigo Cavaca vs Jay Pages
Roberto Abreu vs Romulo Barral
Rubens Charles vs Abmar Barbosa
Rubens Charles vs Otavio Souza
Rubens Charles vs Rafael Lovato Jr.

Disc 3
Ary Farias vs Ben Baxter
Sonny Nohara vs Ary Farias
Ary Farias vs Lucas Braga
Bruno Alves vs Gustavo Junqueira
Daren Roberts vs Jonathan Kessler
Daren Roberts vs Lucas Braga
David Dean vs Steven Rosenberg
Steven Rosenberg vs Samir Karlsson
Gunnar Nelson vs Clark Gracie
Ian McPherson vs Arman Barros
Ian McPherson vs Jarrod Bunch
Joao Assis vs Arman Barros
JT Torres vs Jimmy Jarquin
Timothy Peterson vs JT Torres
Ryan Beauregard vs JT Torres
Zak Maxwell vs Justin Rader
Guilherme Tavares vs Zak Maxwell
Henrique Silva vs Zak Maxwell