10th International Aikido Taikai DVD 4 with Yoshimitsu Yamada

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This DVD was filmed of Yoshimitsu Yamada teaching at the 10th international Aikido Federation which was presented in the town of Tanabe where the Aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba was born. The contents deepen the philosophy and techinique of the Aikido.

Gyaku hanmi katate dori Breathing method
Gyaku hanmi katate dori Kokyu nage
Ryote dori Kokyu nage
Ryote dori Tenchi nage
Ryote dori Nikyo
Kata dori men uchi Ikkyo
Kata dori men uchi Shiho nage
Kata dori men uchi Kotegaeshi
Kata dori men uchi Kokyu nage


Language: Japanese
Run time: 27 min.