Cobrinha BJJ Vol 7 - Omoplata

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Cobrinha BJJ Vol 7 - Omoplata

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Rubens Charles "Cobrinha" - The 3 time BJJ world champion and 2 time nogi world champion now shares his techniques with the world. Get a close up of the closed guard, butterfly guard, half guard, spider guard, double underhooks, inverted guard, and the omoplata. Learn a bunch of new and unique attacks that will keep your opponent guessing. Find out some more ways to stop your attacker from passing your guard. Finally, Charles shows you how to sweep your partner and get a dominant position. After watching the moves in the studio, sit back and watch the included footage of Cobrinha doing the same exact moves in competition. If you're serious about BJJ there's no one better to learn from in the world

In this volume, Cobrinha shows you all of his favorite moves from the closed guard. To start out, he shows how to pull guard from standing and immediately sweep or submit. Then you'll see all of his favorite submissions from the closed guard including his "arm wrap" and "lapel across the back" that he's famous for. Finally Cobrinha shows his favorite sweeps from closed guard that put you right in the position for submission.

Content Includes : Vol 7 - Omoplata


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