Yayama Microcosmic Orbit Method DVD with Yayama Toshihiko

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By learning to control ki & strengthening that ability, you too should be able to cultivate a healthy body & spirit.

Contents include:

  • What is ki and kiko?
  • What does ki feel like?
  • What is the microcosmic orbit method?
  • Microcosmic kiko training
  • 6 Breathing techniques
  • Finger Kiko
  • Standing Zen
  • Stretch the chest and back
  • Making s flexible and strong spine
  • Stance
  • Ming-men
  • Application of microcosmic orbit method
  • Make a ki ball between your hands
  • Opening the path of the microcosmic orbit with a ki ball
  • Differences between the flow of ki for men and women
  • Microcosmic orbit method (women's type)

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Run time: 85 min.