Worm Guard 4 DVD Set by Keenan Cornelius (Preowned)

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A year has passed since Keenan Cornelius took the BJJ world by storm with his innovative new style known as “The Worm Guard.” Famous for having one of the most difficult BJJ guards to pass, it is no secret that Keenan has an extended understanding of jiu jitsu techniques and exercises a dynamic and INVENTIVE approach to evolving the art. In addition to other notable accomplishments; as a first year black belt, he successfully beat multiple-time black belt world champions on the way to his first shot at the world championships.

Both Keenan, and his - now proven - famous Worm Guard, have caught the attention of the BJJ world. And, as you’ve probably guessed, The Worm Guard is a beast to be understood and mastered, but must be carefully taught. It uses a specialized understanding of lapel grips to entangle and disorient opponents much like a spiders prey behaves when caught in its web. It is a tool, nay, a weapon of mass confusion that will have your training partners pulling their hair out trying to figure out how to pass your - now very sophisticated - guard. Imitated by many, yet replicated by none, the original creator of The Worm Guard is coming in HOT with over 40 Techniques building a Complete Wormguard Play-Style. The understanding - and successful execution - lies not within the single idea of “The Worm,” but the exquisite interconnected/extended applications of The Worm into any grappling style. Working for tall, or short, weak or strong, The Worm Guard adapts and EVOLVES with your game to merge and become, not an altered synthetic method, but an organic extension of ones already existing skill set and techniques. Undeniably, Worm Guard is irrefutable. Even when used alone and mastered as a single guard playing system, the results are undeniable! You’ve seen it - sweeping people that were once thought unsweepable and holding even the most persistent and skilled of guard passers at bay!

For the first time ever, Keenan Cornelius is teaching his unique system of The Worm Guard and how to use it deftly as a surgeon wields a scalpel. Be a part of what is fastly becoming the new and innovative American Jiu Jitsu and learn all there is to know about set-ups, controls, transitions, submissions and sweeps from this innovative competitor and his revolutionary guard. Be a part of the evolution that is taking the jiu-jitsu community by storm!

The Worm Guard DVD has over Forty Techniques:

Lapel Guard Intro and Concepts

X Marks the Spot - Lapel Sweep

The Meat Hook Back Attack - Lapel Sweep

Lapeloplata to the Back

The Crystal Geyser Elevation Attack

Setting up the Basic Worm Guard

Worm Guard Tilt Sweep

Worm Guard Standing Base Sweep

Flying Worm Back Attack

Transitioning to Ringworm Guard

Ringworm Elbow Cracker Sweep

Elbow Cracker to Back Take

Ringworm Shooting Star Sweep

Ringworm Flying Circus Sweep

Transitioning to Reverse Dela Worm Guard

The Wormnado

The Botfly Back Attack

The Dust Devil Back Attack

The Mysterious-Allure Fourth Worm Position

Sweeping From the Fourth Position

After-Sweeping Dismount Guard Pass

Using the Mega Worm as an Alternative

Quick Entry into MEGA WORM

MEGA Worm Competition Entry

Lasso Worm Entry

Pulling Worm From Standing

Left Hook Ringworm Setup

Sweeping to Mount From Worm

Ringworm Guard Pass 


Worm Grip From Top - To Back Take

RVDLWG Sweep To Back Take


Worm Triangle

Toe Hold From Worm

Worm Guard Kneebar

Worm Guard Calf-Slicer



Beating the Leg Step Defense From Worm Guard

Beating the Defense From Ringworm Guard

Beating the Defense From RVDLWG

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