Wind Blowing Lotus Leaf: Manual for Practicing Actualism Tai Chi Chuan Book by Jennifer Booth (Preowned)

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 Table of contents:




-Warm-up Exercises

-The Forms

-Actualism Life Energy Training

-Advanced Warm-ups

-Sword Form and Push Hands

-Appendix -Resources

About the author:

In 1972 Jenniter Bouth began her training in the Kuang Ping Yang style of Tai Chi
Chuan with Gilles Messenger, a student of Master Kuo Lien Yin. Master Kuo taught
for may years at his studio in Chinatown in San Francisco.

In 1976 she began teaching for Orange Coast College in the P.E. department. Orange
Coast was probably one of the first colleges to offer Tai Chi as part of a regular
curriculum of physical education. This pioneering program was then expanded to
Coastline College when that college was founded in 1977. She taught for the Coast
Community College District for 18 years.

In 1995 she opened her own studio, the Warrior of Light, in Seacliff Village,
Huntington Beach, where she taught until 1998. She is currently teaching for Rancho
Santiago Community College District in Santa Ana, California.
Her background includes intensive study of life-energy work through Actualism, a
school founded in 1959 to teach a western form of energy and consciousness
transformation. Since she began her training in Actualism in the same year as her
training in Tai Chi, this combination of Actualism and Tai Chi provides a frame work
for understanding and directing Chi, the energy circulation that Tai Chi practice

140 pages

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