Ultimate Secrets of the Rope Book by Fujita Seiko

Ultimate Secrets of the Rope Book by Fujita Seiko

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Hojo, binding with rope, was used for centuries in Japan. Samurai would tie up prisoners taken in battle and collect ransoms for their return. Later, police in the Edo Era further refined these techniques and developed specific ties for each type of person. The ties were different depending on whether the suspect was a Samurai, commoner, monk, woman, child or mountain ascetic.
This book looks at how these tying with rope techniques were described in various manuals from the 1800s up through World War II. While the early instruction manuals contained only illustrations and a few mysterious notations, later books contained detailed descriptions of each stage of the tying process.
This book contains translations of the following ten resources intended to show how instruction in this art changed over the centuries:

1. Ultimate Secrets of the Rope is a Densho, document of transmission.
By Iijima Aritsune
Published in 1832

2. Ultimate Secrets of the Rope an excerpt from A Collection of Recent Studies in Criminology Volume 13 : Rare Books on Crime and Punishment
Introduced by Hara Taneaki
Original 19th century, published 1930

An Illustrated Guide to the Secrets of Jujutsu, Sword and Staff Fighting (excerpt)
By Inoguchi Matsunosuke
Published in 1887

A Police Officer’s Essential Guide for Ibaragi Prefecture (excerpt)
By the Ibaragi Prefectural Police Headquarters.
Published in 1888

An Illustrated Guide to Fencing and Jujutsu (excerpt)
By Kameyama Daijo
Published in 1895

A Lecture on Rope Binding Techniques
An excerpt from:
 All-Japan Guide to Martial Arts Training
By Shibata Emori and Iida Densaburo.
Published in 1918

Hojo Jutsu: Additions to the Laws and Ordinances in Force in Korea (excerpt)
By the Governor General of Korea
Published 1927

Arresting and Self-Defense (excerpt)
By Takahashi, Okushi and Chosho
Published 1930

A Guide to Arresting Techniques (excerpt)
By Hotta Sutejiro.
Published 1932

The Ultimate Level of Martial Arts: Secrets of Self Defense (excerpt)
By the Self-Defense Research Society.
Published in 1935

399 pages

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