Toshindo Kuji 6 Thought Projection DVD with Stephen Hayes

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To-Shin Do Founder An-shu Stephen K. Hayes offers access to private teaching work with his top students by DVD. Be on the scene for An-shu's insights to enhance your training no matter what your personal style of martial arts. To-Shin Do Kuji-no-Ho 6 presents a master’s understanding of warrior thought projection and receiving - how to begin training to know what others are thinking and how to plant your thoughts in another’s mind - that allows the highest of warriors to find the keys to victory when the conventionally minded see only a future of defeat.

To-Shin Do “Kuji Six”

Purpose and Practice of Kuji no Ho Sixth Power

An-shu gives a from-the-heart explanation/interpretation of training in mind projection for martial artists – How to know the words of the thoughts of others

“Tough-guy” mind-set kata exercise

If you know how an adversary sees himself and can tap into the predictability of his thoughts and actions, you have an enhanced opportunity to win. This is role playing the part of a coldly confident aggressor so that you can later practice how to lure him in to defeat