The Samurai Within by Alfredo Tucci (E-book)

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Bringing out the Samurai within is a noble task, but it is also a convenient decision. When what is small can be big and what is big can be small, the horizon of freedom becomes more personal and thus is amplified. Facing the routine as something special, who could not do it? Stealing seconds of conscience from time, isn´t it a way of living longer? Going beyond the mechanization of routines and choosing new goals, isn´t it a way of exercising freedom? In this new book, where I have brought together the texts and thoughts which open the magazine Black Belt every month, I have tried to attract your attention, to boost your mind, with the best of intentions: to awaken sleeping consciences, complacent minds, comfortable and convenient positions. I don´t mean to provide guidelines, solutions or to get followers. I do it because in my heart, I have no other choice but to bring out the Samurai inside me. If one out of a thousand opens their eyes and enters the challenge of choosing the Samurai within themselves, please tell me! Believe me, it would give me great pleasure.


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Language: English

113 pages