The Omoplata 2.0 by Stephan Kesting (5 DVD Set)

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After 2 decades of research, experimentation and development my latest instructional, Omoplata 2.o, is now available!

This is the ultimate guide to the omoplata, and it’s available as a 5 disk DVD set, as an online streaming instructional, and in app format as well.

You’ll get a complete step-by-step system for the omoplata, not just a bunch of random techniques.

You’ll learn entries into the omoplata from every position, how to finish bigger and stronger people with it, how to seamlessly transition into sweeps and other submissions, and exactly how to completely shut down all of your opponent’s omoplata escapes and counters.

The omoplata is the Swiss army knife of grappling.

At it’s core it’s is a super effective submission that has been used many times at the highest levels of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, no gi submission grappling and even in MMA to finish tough, resisting opponents.

The cool thing is that the omoplata it’s also one of the most powerful sweeps in the jiu-jitsu repertoire. Many black belts find that it’s the most effective and reliable way to reverse the position and get to the top against high level opponents.

Finally it’s also an amazing setup for many other other submissions and transitions. So long as you know what the other guy is likely to do and have pre-prepared answers for those responses you’ll always be a step ahead of him.

The key is understanding this technique as a system and not as a single isolated submission

In 5 DVDs and 7 volumes of material you’ll learn my complete system for making this attack a cornerstone of your game.

This instructional contains more than 182 techniques, including…

  • Over 41 effective setups and entries for the omoplata from every position
  • 15 counters to the omoplata
  • 70 counters and followups to use when our opponent tries to escape
  • Techniques that work with and without the gi
  • The strategies that connect all these moves together and make them easy to remember
  • Drills and developmental exercises to make the techniques natural and instinctive
  • And much more…

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