Thai Boxing Vol 4 (On Demand)

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Breathtaking Fights!

At last the French Best of the Best on Film!

Expeditious fights (three knock-outs), spectacular and efficient technical moves, heated atmosphere, an exceptional Muay Thai meeting, in which the fighters go beyond their strength.
Du Waï Kruu, until the fight, for one night, Charlety Stadium looked like a Bangkog Stadium.
Farid Villaume , French n°1, fights El Asrouti, World n°10, in a fight particularly explosive.
Kadour Farsi bursts into winning wrath.
The talented Pascal Lafleur in a most beautiful fight. An unexpected and exciting duel between Cedric Muller & Mohamed Farsi.
And not to forget:
Kaled Rajah, Nicolas Bachir, Rachid Kabouri & Thaleb Hamza.
Acknowledgments: Mr Pierre Mazet, director of the Charléty Stadium and our partners.

- Mohamed Farsi VS Cedric Muller
- Khaled Rajah VS Kadour Farsi
- Nicolas Bachir VS Rachid Kabouri
- Taleb Hamza VS Pascal Lafleur
- El Asrouti VS Farid Villaume
- Gilbert Chillon VS Franck Nadje

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