Taekwondo WTF Advanced Poomsae 9-17 (E-book)

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In this second part on Poomseas of Taekwondo, in this case from 9 to 17, the so-called high Poomseas, you will find an exceptional technical work carried out by some of the best athletes of the World. Indeed, the Poomseas are performed by the same group of champions who made the previous work on basic Poomseas, including several international Champions, both in the World and in Europe, as well as in Spain, since some of them have been several times champions of Spain. The Poomseas of this book are the official forms of the World Taekwondo Federation W.T.F. Despite of minor adjustments in their application, depending on fashion, the Poomseas we are introducing today in this mbook have been consolidated for years, as the official program required by the most widespread Taekwondo organization in the world. mFor their technical complexity, the high Poomseas offer trainees an opportunity to internalize complex combinations and changes of pace of increasing difficulty. Their performance reflects the art of Taekwondo mwith its great and extraordinary kicking combinations. The command of these Poomseas is essential to obtain the highest grades in Taekwondo, so their study by black belts is an official subject in every official program of the National Federations affiliated to the World Federation. In fact, this book is a part of the official program of the Spanish Federation of Taekwondo,undoubtedly one of the most important in the world, for its long list of champions and medals. Greatly led by the technical director of the federation, D. Jose Santiago Bueno and with the essential support of its President, D. Jesus Castellanos, we are pleased to offer practitioners of Taekwondo the ultimate mtool to complete the study of high Poomseas. As a complement to it, in www.budointernational.com a DVD is available for readers, made by the same team and from different angles, perfectly explained. Nothing, however, replaces the book as a study tool, and therefore we are delighted to introduce this edition today.

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