Straight Lead Punch of Jeet Kune Do DVD by Yutaka Matsuoka

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In the world-famous Jeet Kune Do as created by Bruce Lee, there are three important parts:

・ On-guard position
・ Footwork
・ Straight lead (front hand: synonymous punch with dominant arm)

The straight lead is explained on this DVD by Professor Yutaka Matsuoka, the representative of Tiny Dragon.

"Learning Jeet Kune Do means knowing the details" (Ted Wong )

Ted Wong is a teacher of Professor Matsuoka and a late disciple of Bruce Lee.

In this DVD, we faithfully follow the teachings.
It was told to Mr. Matsuoka by Mr. Ted (sensei)
We will carefully teach you the details of posture and movement.

At the end of aiming for maximum efficiency
A number of advanced mechanics behind the simple.

・Learn the specific technical points of Jeet Kune Do
・Learn what the pursuit of martial arts rationality is.
・Learn Jeet Kune Do as a unique exercise

Introducing the Jeet Kune Do DVD, which has abundant learning points that are perfect for those who want to learn!

Language: Japanese

Run time: 56 min.

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