Somatic Flow DVD by Yasutake Imamura

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In this DVD, we pursue the adjustment of physical sensation deviation.
Dr. Yasutake Imamura, the inventor of the new manipulative technique and somatic flow, carefully explains.

"We stimulates joints and the central points of joints, not muscles and bones."

We will prepare it so that everyone can use the functions of body and movement that they originally have.


1) Introduction ... What is Somatic Flow®?
[Matching structure and body image]
[Release unconscious body fixation]
2) Causes of symptoms and posture patterns
[Causes of symptoms ... Excessive movement of moving joints]
[Clients with symptoms ... Common posture patterns]
3) Basics of treatment to enhance the effect
[Points of how to touch]
[Aware of the rhythm of shaking]
[Preparatory movement to enhance the effect]
[Inspection before treatment ... (1) Backbend / (2) Rotational movement / (3) Confirmation of posture]
4) Lower limb treatment
○ Toe to thigh
[Foot toe → lateral broad muscle → femoral myocardial tension muscle]
○ Lower trunk to anterior tibial muscle
[Intestinal muscle → large lumbar muscle → leg condition check → lower abdominal organ → hip joint → anterior tibial muscle]
5) Upper limb treatment
○ Carpal-forearm
[Carpal bone → interosseous membrane → elbow joint]
○ Upper arm-shoulder blade
[Harmbone → mitral muscle → broad back muscle → anterior saw muscle → costal joint → small thoracic muscle]
[Post-treatment inspection ... (1) Backbend / (2) Rotational movement / (3) Confirmation of posture]
[For a comfortable daily life ... 4 principles of the body]

About the instructor:

Dr Imamura is an occupational therapist Yoga instructor and Inventor of the neural integration method Somatic Flow®. He's an up-and-coming practitioner who has attracted attention in his book "Introduction to Correct Backbends" (Nippon Publishing Co., Ltd.) and has been introduced in "anan" (Magazine House) and "Yuhobika" (Makino). He also gained popularity for lectures sponsored by the major domestic Pilates studio zen place.

Language: Japanese

Run time: 41 min.




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