Self-Development DVD #12 - Regenerative Breathing Energy

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It has been established that an adult inhales and exhales on average 15 times per minute. Breathing does not stop from the time a person is born to his death. Irreversible brain damage begins after 5-7 minutes without breathing.

Luckily, breathing is one of the few abilities of the organism that can be controlled consciously.

There are upper, middle, lower and full types of breathing. Which one is better? Which one do you usually use?

Some breathing types may result in serious physical or psychological illnesses. Therefore, it is very important to keep track of your breathing while working with energy, practicing martial arts or doing daily routines.

Regenerative Breathing Energy is the set of simple restorative breathing exercises that will help you to release stress and tension, increase healthy internal energy, and feel fresh, rejuvenated and powerful.

Language: English
Running time: 60 min
Format: NTSC, ALL region