NANIWA's Karate 3 Erase the Gap Between Sen-no-sen/Go-no-sen DVD

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The most advanced training to acquire world-level comprehensive strength

  • Stretch and Warm-up
    ・Shoulder blades
    ・Hip joint
    ・Circuit training
    ・Step work
  • Both Kamae - Step training
  • Fourth cycle - Keri training
    ・Hand mitt Kizamigeri
    ・Guard training for Keri
    ・Speed Chudan Keri
    ・Knee push sumo
  • Freely - Blows divided
  • Immediate reaction - Random training
  • 15 seconds left - Attack and defense in corners
  • Do not stop moving - Close range combat
  • Creating speed on the first step - Free comprehensive training for 15 seconds
  • Building speed to rebuild - Free comprehensive 15 seconds + mitt press
  • Stretch/ Cool down
  • Words from Imai Sensei
  • Interview with Kenichi Imai Sensei

Length: 127 min

Japanese with English subtitles