Muay Boran Flying Techniques DVD by Marco De Cesaris

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A good warrior skilled in Muay must be able to cope, face selling their skin, any adversary or group of them. And what better system than a ferocious attack steering wheel to impress and win with a single blow to the most powerful enemy, or to quickly break the siege of several attackers? In Muay Boran, combining and uniting the various natural weapons, our offensive actions will be very difficult to block. Only those who have suffered a sudden and violent assault with a flying coup launched from a distance "impossible", fully aware of the dangerous nature of these techniques. This DVD absolute first in the world, presents 56 techniques of flying among the most effective martial art of Thai, demonstrated by the 2007 World Champion of Muay Boran, Arjarn Marco De Cesaris.
Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French