Mastering Wing Chun DVD 4: Keys to Ip Man's Kung Fu DVD with Samuel Kwok

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This is a unique and refreshing insight into the Chi Sao element of Ip Man’s original Wing Chun Kung Fu. In this DVD, all the major drills and trapping theories are investigated with explosive applications. You will learn the techniques of Chi Sao: basic hand techniques, single hand and double hand drills, and footwork, correct body structure alignment, body turning, etc… Chi Sao constitutes the most important training method in the Wing Chun system. It is what Ip Man referred to as the Genius of Wing Chun. Training in Chi Sao will help you develop contact reflexes, which is the key to victory in a live combat situation. Chi Sao training develops close quarter coordination and close quarter focus; improves mobility, balance, timing, and accuracy, and creates ample targets and openings in which to attack and counter. This DVD is demonstrated by Grandmaster Samuel Kwok, one of the world’s most respected Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu technicians.