Mae Mai Muay Thai by Marco De Cesaris (E-book)

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For decades forgotten in their homeland and recently made fashionable again, but only as show movements in exhibitions of Siamese fighting, the 15 traditional technical forms called Mae Mai Muay Thai or main (Mae) techniques (Mai) of Thai fighting (Muay), they actually represent a technical and cultural treasure that should be preserved at all costs. The Mae Mai or Mai Khru, far from representing just attack and defense movements, apparently quite simple, involve the "distillation" of a COMPLETE SYSTEM of Thai fighting, enormously rich and complex. Looking back in time and exploring in detail all elements which form the puzzle now known as Muay Thai Boran, thanks to the essential help of three of the greatest living experts on the subject, Arjarn Marco De Cesaris has come to draw a sketch of the real principles underlying the Warrior Art of Muay and he reveals them for the first time in this great work. In this book you will find exposed and illustrated, with 900 high quality color photos, al l the main techniques, the Mar t ial Applications, the Powerful Combinations and the Training Methods and, for the first time, the whole Form of the Mai Khru System.

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Language: English

275 pages