Lameco Eskrima Single Sword by Dino Flores (On Demand)

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Guro Dino Flores has focused this work on long range distance, a distance you must master before venturing into medium or short range distance with any weapon and without protective gear. The 12 Eskrima Drills are a combination of the movements Punong Gruo Sulite found most common in real combat situations and referred to them as the "Soul of Lameco", because many hidden secrets are found in these apparently simple exercises. Though most of the Eskrima exercises can be done either with stick or sword, this video is focused in long distance with the sword, a special training that was heavily influenced by Great Grandmaster Antonio Ilustrisimo. Guro Flores will teach you the differences in strategy in long distance with either stick or sword, the footwork and five of the 12 Eskrima Drills in detail with their applications and variations. These exercises are essential in order to understand the Great Art of Fighting know as Lameco Eskrima.


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Carlos Castro
Lameco video review

Dino Flores covers several of the Lameco Eskrima stroking drills. He shows sword & stick variations. Excellent video for any FMA practitioner & especially if you practice Lameco

Tien Seng Chan
Lameco Eskeima Single Sword by Dino Flores.

Great video.