Kuro Obi Magazine & DVD #2 (Preowned)

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"Kuro Obi" magazine features both articles with technical instruction in both print and DVD format. This is a must-read magazine for both active martial artists and casual practitioners as well.

Magazine contents:

Hisao Maki
The early days of kumite at the Oyama Dojo.

Daigo Oishi
Actual strength created by the basics.

Shigeo Kato
Kumite of Oyama Dojo

Hideo Matsunaga
Actual battle kumite

Nariharu Kuramoto
The elucidation of the mastery of human power.

Kenichi Tamaka
A surprise attack technique that can be used in real fighting.

DVD Contents:

Daigo Oishi techniques

Shigeo Kata techniques

Hideo Matsunaga techniques

Kazuyuki Hasegawa techniques

Hisao Maki techniques

Japanese language

129 page Magazine with 1 hour 46 min DVD



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