Kubotan DVD by Tak Kubota

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The official Kubotan self-defense keychain is a 5 ½-inch plastic rod with a key ring attached. It can be carried almost everywhere and, with some basic training, can be an effective means of protection. This DVD will teach you the basic strikes and techniques you'll need to know to use the Kubotan. Master Kubota begins by explaining vulnerable striking points of the body. Next, he teaches some simple striking patterns and joint manipulations. After learning the basics, you'll learn how to counter specific attacks, including wrist grabs, arm grabs, chokes, punches, bear hugs, and more.

Master Takayuki Kubota is president and general instructor of the International Karate Association. He has taught martial arts and self-defense to law enforcement officers and the general public for more than 50 years. Kubotan®, originally designed and registered by Master Kubota for law enforcement agencies Kubotan® is still the predominate self-defense tool in the field of professional and private security.