Ki: A Road That Anyone Can Walk Book by William Reed (Preowned)

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Written by lifelong Aikido students, William Reed wrote this biography of his teacher - 10th degree black belt, Koichi Tohei.


1) Making of the Man

2) Development of the Teachings

3) A Portrait of Strength

4) Basic Principles for Mind & Body Unification

5) Ki Development through Mind & Body Unification

6) Applications of Ki in Daily & Professional Life

7) Ki Aikido Training for Serious Students

8) Kiatsu Therapy for a Better Life

9) Daily Disciplines for Ki Development

10) Retracing the Way

11) Basic Principles are Universal

12) Ki Perspectives for a Society in Balance

13) In the Words of the Master

14) Putting it All in Perspective

About the Author

William Reed is an 8th degree black belt in Aikido, having mostly studied under Koichi Tohei, and also holds a 10th dan in Shodo (Brush Calligraphy).


340 pages

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