Karatedo Kata Kyohan Book & DVD by Shigeru Egami

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A manuscript about the karate type that was written by Shigeru Egami, a karate master, has been made into a book after 40 years. In the attached DVD with photos and detailed type explanations, the phantom type film by Tomoji Miyamoto is completely revived in color. You can learn the basics of karate type that Shigeru Egami aimed at in this book.

● Main contents
For publication (Naoshi Egami)
Positioning of "type" in practice
Type change
Features of karate kata
Performance tips
Shotoukan enactment type commentary
Note: About the photos and texts in this book
Heian 1st stage Heian 2nd stage Heian 3rd stage Heian 4th stage Heian 5th stage Fortress Kanku Iron Battalion 1st stage Steel Battalion 2nd stage Steel Battalion 3rd stage Half moon Jitte Yanfei Iwazuru Jion Taiji
A Study on the Tenno Type Tenno Type 1, Throw 2, Offensive and Defensive Throw Technique 1, Blow Down 2, Top 3 Arm ring ten, reverse hammer
Commentary (Tomoji Miyamoto)
In reading this book
About training after getting old
Finally, the lifeline of "Shigeru Egami" (mainly only karate-related matters)
Heian first stage Steel Battalion first stage
English appendix

Language: Japanese

Length: 247 pages

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