Kali Larga Mano System DVD by Mauricio Maltese

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Larga Mano simply means long-distance combat, a method that teaches you to stay away from your opponent and hurt him without even entering the hand-to-hand distance. In a way, the Filipino people were ahead of the times, perhaps because, little conditioned by their traditions, they suffered many invasions and, frequently, their habits and customs were altered. But they knew how to turn their misfortune into advantage, and they learned to absorb and integrate everything that could be useful and increase effectiveness. Their Martial Arts are an excellent example of this. Philippine Arts masters did not pose the problem of remaining tied to such or such custom, but without hesitation, integrated into their own systems personal experiences of Karate or Japanese Judo, Western Boxing, Silat of neighboring Indonesia and the ancient traditions linked to Scrima, the art of self-defense perfected in the Italian peninsula.

When the Philippine Arnis spread in the West, to distinguish it from Fencing, it was called "the living hand fencing", because the hand that did not hold the weapon, actively collaborated in the actions of defense and offense. Thus, the difference between the two systems, the East and the West, is that in Olympic fencing, the unarmed hand is kept safe and used at most to balance the impulse in assaults; in Arnis the unarmed hand is alive and active.

In this work, Professor Maltese shows us the basic positions, defenses and fundamental attacks, guard exercises, blocking, crossing and counterattack in Redondo, the fifth, seventh, eighth and contras defenses, dynamic training and free combat exercises with protections. We will also see the bag training (blows, blockades and counterattacks) and a final chapter dedicated to Sword and Dagger, the Italian art in the Philippine Kali, executed with authentic weapons.

45 min.

- Languages included in DVD format: English, Español, Français, Italiano