Jiu Jitsu Priest BJJ Technique collection Vol.1 DVD by Kinya Hashimoto.

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Include 14 famous BJJ Top players and 45 techniques.

Recording technique:

1.Marcos Souza:
  • Sweep from half spider guard
  • Pass guard from half spider guard
  • Armbar from side mount position
2.Roberto Souza:
  • Sweep from open guard
  • Delariva guard Pass
  • Ezekiel choke from side mount position
3.Kleber Koike:
  • Sweep from Delariva guard
  • Armbar from pass guard
4.Paul & Joao miyao:
  • Back take from Delariva guard
  • Back take from deep half guard
5.Abmar Barbosa:
  • Triangle choke from spider guard
  • Triangle choke from spider guard(2)
  • Sweep from spider guard
  • Back take from spider guard
6.Haul Montolfo:
  • Armbar from cross guard
  • Choke from cross guard
  • Triangle from cross guard
7.Cristiano Kaminishi:
  • Turtle guard break and get side mount position
  • Turtle guard break and get side mount position(2)
  • Turtle guard break and get Back take
8.Nakatsuka Yasuto:
  • Half guard pass
  • Sweep from reverse Delariva guard
  • Choke from mount position
  • Back take from mount position when opponent defence
  • Ankle lock from top position
  • Ankle lock from knee on the vale
9.Makoto Ogasawara:
  • Under guard pass
  • Back tack from Under guard pass
  • Choke from Under guard pass
10.Kataoka Masato:
  • Sweep from arm lock
  • Sweep from arm lock(2)
  • Sweep from half guard
  • Sweep from half guard(2)
  • Sweep from half guard(3)
11.Yamauchi Kang Yue:
  • Ippon Seoinage
  • Hook sweep
  • Hook sweep(2)
  • Ezekiel choke Counter
12.Shimizu Zong yuan:
  • Loop Choke
  • Loop Choke(2)
  • Sitting guard Loop Choke
13.Takashi Ouchi
  • Ankle lock from spider guard
  • Triceps lock from side mount position