Intelligence Judo Ground Techniques DVD 2 with Tomoo Torii

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In this DVD Ground Techniques Vol. 2, we will look at how to fight from hikikomi (as you pull your opponent down) and against your opponent's hikikomi (when pulled down). In hikikomi positions you are facing your opponent. When you attack, you canユt let them do what they want to do.Judo competition involves tachi-waza (stand-ups) and ne-waza (ground fighting).Therefore, transitions from tachi-waza to ne-waza are very important.Torii has developed many original techniques not only in Tachi Waza but also in Ne Waza.
Chapters include:

Attacks from hikikomi position
How to get legs out of niju garami
Defense and balance
Transitions from tachiwaza to newaza
Workouts & stretching for Judo
And more...


Language: Japanese with English & French subtitles

Run time: 118 min.