Hung Gar Gong Gee Fook Fu Kune vol 2 DVD with Paolo Cangelosi

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This second work focuses on the practical application of Gong Gee Kune, one of the most popular forms of Hun Gar, perhaps the most powerful and known style of Kung Fu. Linking with the knowledge acquired in the first volume, in this second DVD Cangelosi continues the analysis of the oldest form of Hung Gar, with the aim of helping students understand the method of analysis, which will take them to discover many techniques for a wide range of free combat situations, from self-defense to the most technical and professional ones, as the fight of two martial artists. You will find practical applications in the street, a full and detailed explanation of each and every one of the applications, and further explanation of the energy in the form started in the first work. A huge work of great interest for students and experts in the field.


Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French