How to Learn Okinawan Karate Book by Kazumasa Yokoyama

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Kazumasa Yokoyama, a karateka nicknamed "Karateka", reviews the basics of Okinawan karate such as stabs, kicks, and weapons, and unravels the principles necessary to become "karate" that the author himself experienced. .. "What is the" karate posture "required before technology?" "Why is it basic to stand in four legs and Naihanchi?" "What is the pattern?" "Differences between mainland karate and Okinawa karate." This book is for beginners as well as for all "karateka" who want to face karate with a new feeling.

● Table of contents
Chapter 0 Karate, which was still an unknown martial art In search of karate that can be learned for a lifetime, the importance of Okinawa Karate that I realized in Taiwan
Chapter 1 What does karate feed?
Chapter 2 About Roshi Eshodo
Chapter 3 Consideration on Masaken
Chapter 4 Karate Techniques
Chapter 5 Karate Kicking and Moving
Chapter 6 How to stand creates power
Chapter 7 Entering the type The type is karate
Chapter 8 The charm of Naihanchi
Chapter 9 Depth of Pinan
Chapter 10 Basics of Married Couples
Chapter 11 Control with a stake and feed with a stake
Chapter 12 Throw and Joint Techniques in Karate
Chapter 13 The Key to Karate "Ko-ryu"
Chapter 14 About training
Chapter 15 Interview with Kazumasa Yokoyama
in conclusion

About training after getting old
Finally, the lifeline of "Shigeru Egami" (mainly only karate-related matters)
Heian first stage Steel Battalion first stage
English appendix

Language: Japanese

Length: 247 pages

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