Getting to your feet DVD by Vladislav Koulikov

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Grapplers are comfortable on the ground but oftentimes, being on your back is not where you want to be. Getting back to your feet is a skill that must be learned and practiced. Whether you want to get up to strike (MMA), to get away (self defense), or to get in a more dominant grappling position, there are many reasons why "Getting to your Feet" is a valuable skill to develop.

Across 10 key scenarios, world-renowned grappling instructor Vladislav Koulikov will teach you how to get out from underneath your opponent when mounted, when in side control, and many other positions.

1. Intro
2. Whizzer & Hip Heist
3. Front Headlock & Hip Heist
4. Butterfly Guard Hip Heist
5. "Y" Escape
6. Vovchanchin
7. Working the Head Back Mounted
8. Back Roll When Mounted
9. Under Hook to Dog Fight Being Side Controlled
10. Ghost Escape from Side Control
11. Funk Roll from Closed Guard

About the instructor:

Vlad is the founder of the Koulikov Grappling Academy (KGA), and is a world champion competitor; placing 2 times in the USA and represented team USA in Combat Sambo in the World Championship in 2008. He has placed and won multiple Naga and Grapplers Quest tournaments and was awarded the most technical fighter in the very first Grapplers Quest competition winning all his matches by submissions.

Vlad's latest achievements include winning Combat Wrestling World Championship in Japan in 2017 as well as becoming Shuai Jiao national champion in 2018.

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