Full Contact The Night of the Champions 2001-2002 (On Demand)

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The Night of the Champions is one of the most prestigious tournaments for fist-foot Boxing. Every year, 8 of the best medium weight champions in the world, fight according to the rules of Full-Contact.

More than Competition, it is a real show tremendously popular.
This film shows you the 8 th and 9 th editions of The Night of the Champions, and includes more than 20 fights over the top !

La Nuit Des Champions 2001:
- Arsen Sckachatrian VS Jean-Francois Houis
- Slimane Safriouine VS Fabrice Barrale
- Farhat Mansouri VS Christophe Landais
- Franck Hamdani VS Jean-Lois Lahcene
- Christophe Tendil VS Perry Ubeda
- Arsen Sckachatrian VS Slimane Safriouine
- Christophe Landais VS Jean-Louis Lahcene
- Imed Matholouthi VS Herve Busonera
- Arsen Sckachatrian VS Christophe Landais

La Nuit Des Champions 2002:
- Christophe Landais VS Youcef Lattaoui
- Belaid Asham VS Kamel Idir
- Oliver Cerdan VS Frederic Gargani
- Franck Mezaache VS Lionel Spica
- Edy Draoui VS Marcello Ferreira
- Surren Khalachyan VS Rani Berbachi
- Youcef Lattaoui VS Belaid Asham
- Oliver Cerdan VS Jionel Spica
- Samir Berbachi VS Jean-Louis Lahcene
- Oliver Cerdan VS Yousef Lattaoui

Language: French

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