De la Riva Guard DVD by Vicente Jr

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De La Riva Guard Straight From The Fountain.

Fourth degree black belt and 7X IBJJF Pans Jiu Jitsu Champion, Vicente Junior is one of the most competitively active Ricardo De La Riva representatives in the United States. In his first-ever feature length instructional series, this life-long DLR guard player shows you step-by-step how to develop a super effective open guard game from the ground up. These lessons are perfect for all levels. Beginners, you will pick up and apply the concepts instantly. Advanced players, you will find hidden gems and blow up your game right away!


  1. Guard Concepts - Primary Hook
  2. Guard Concepts - Grips
  3. Guard Concepts - Secondary Hook
  4. Guard Concepts - Standing Control
  5. Entrance Drill
  6. Kick Sweep
  7. Backwards Sweep
  8. Outside Hook Sweep
  9. Lasso with DLR Hook
  10. Over-Head Sweep
  11. Over-Head Sweep Armbar
  12. Low Single
  13. Underhook
  14. Vs. Side Smash Pass
  15. Single Leg
  16. Tilt Sweep
  17. Shin-To-Shin Backtake
  18. Vs. Leg Drag
  19. Vs. Leg Drag #2
  20. Omoplata
  21. Helicopter Sweep
  22. Over Hook Trip
  23. Inside Elevation