Decide in an Instant Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Techniques Book by Seigo Okamoto (Preowned)

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Seigo Okamoto was the founder of the Daito Ryu Roppokai. A student of Horikawa Kodo Sensei, he was among the finest practitioners of Daito Ryu. This book collects detailed photographs of techniques with interviews and explanations from magazine articles and interviews done by Okamoto Sensei.

Table of Contents
Section 1
4 Seigo Okamoto's Techniques - Basics to Applications
10 Aikiage Sage
12 Ryote Mae Otoshi
14 Ryote Mune Tsukami
16 Kashiwa Te Kote Gaeshi
20 Aiki Seme
22 Soto Te Tsukami Koshi Seme
24 Tegatana Nage
26 Ryote Gamen Uchi
28 Morote Dori Nage
30 Aiki Koshi Nage
32 Kata Aiki Zenpo Nage
34 Ushiro Ryote Zenpo Nage
36 Two Man Morte Zenpo Otoshi
38 Bo - Aiki Zenpo Nage
40 Aiki Kata Ashi Nage
42 Aiki Principles Done Wth Bo
44 Touch Aiki Principles

Section 2
48 Technical Principles

Section 3
60 Aiki At The First Touch

Section 4
74 Footprints
History of Okamoto Sensei

Section 5
86 Interview with Okamoto Sensei's Students

Section 6
94 Techniques Seen Through High Speed Camera
97 Two Circle Movement
99 Straight Down Kuzushi Through Aiki Sage
100 Kashiwa Te Kote Gaeshi
104 Touch Aiki - Kiri Sage
105 Touch Aiki - Nade Age
110 Ushiro Dori

Section 7
136 Okamoto Sensei and Great Budoka

Section 8
158 Return to Aikiage From Circle to Point

Section 9
172 Interview with Okamoto Sensei

Language: Japanese

# of pages: 186


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Sensei William Leonard
Most Exceptional!

If you Understand enough about Roppokai or Kodokai and some Kanji this book is absolutely Phenominal! It is in Japanese, so not for newcomers. Superior Quality Explainations and easy to understand Aikiage, Aikizeme, Aikisage, Mamorite, Semete and many Principles are Explained. I love this book :-)