Complete Compendium of Aiki Throws Book by Yoshihisa Ishibashi

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"Aiki throwing" does not have a fixed form, and if you throw using "Aiki", that is it.
In other words, here is what "Aiki" is, and the core of the Daito ryu style.
“Control your opponent with something that is not power or attack power” ... This idea was revolutionary!
Ishibashi Shihan, who received the instruction of "118 Kajo" from Tokimune Takeda, reveals the essence of "Aiki Throw", a group of miraculous techniques that goes beyond the category of "118 Kajo"!

Chapter 1 What is Aiki Throw?
1 Aiki Jiu-Jitsu and Aiki Throw are two pillars
2 Preservation of Aiki throw
3 What is Aiki Throw?
4 Advantages of "grabbing"
5 "Soft" mind "according to the movement of the other party"
6 Throw even if the opponent grabs you
7 Great chance if you can grab both wrists
8 Kishikaisei plan "Release your hand"
9 Why do you grab it?
10 Features of Aiki Throw

Chapter 2 Tips for Acquiring Aiki Throw
1 Break the opponent
2 Neutralize the opponent's arm
3 Read the other person's breathing
4 Quick body handling, foot handling
5 Aiki throw
6 Training method
7 Technology to be used
8 What is Aiki?
9 What is Ki?
10 To learn Aiki Throw

Chapter 3 Aiki Throw Technique 1

Chapter 4 Aiki Throw Technique 2

Chapter 5 Aiki Throw Technique 3 Post-Capture

Chapter 6 Aiki Throw Technique 4 Against Strike

Chapter 7 Aiki Throw Technique 5 Special Aiki Throw

Chapter 8 Tokimune Takeda's Glossary

264 pages


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